Northwest Utility Contractors Association

21935 NE HALSEY STE. 1100, FAIRVIEW, OR  97024

PHONE: [503] 328-9725  -  FAX: [503] 489-5812

The Northwest Utility Contractors Association is a nonprofit trade association that represents Oregon and Southwest Washington.

The primary purpose of this association is to represent the best interests of contractors engaged in the construction of utility lines, excavation, site work, and trenchless technology, and associate members that support the industry.

Our mission is to preserve the identity and common interests of the utility contracting industry; promote better relations between utility contractors and governmental agencies, general contractors, labor, engineers and the public at large; foster, encourage and maintain safety standards; represent the common interests of utility contractors at national, state and local levels; and to engage in research to aid the utility contracting industry.

Executive Director
Melinda Dailey

Mat Warrington

Vice President
Ryan McDonald

Secretary / Treasurer
Ryan McDonald

Immediate Past President
Kerry Kuenzi