NWUCA’s Insurance Dividend Program Pays Out Big!

I am pleased to announce that the calculation for the 2017 NWUCA Insurance Dividend Program is now done and  $768,173 will be returned to NWUCA and Bitco customers through our exclusive Dividend Program!  – $351,509 for the second calculation of 2016 and $416,664 for the first calculation of 2017!

We have now returned over $4,200,000 in total dividends to our members!

Sincere thanks to Bitco Insurance and all the brokers for their hard work in making this great member benefit a success!

If you are a Contractor member or qualifying Associate member, you owe it to yourself to check out our property and liability program.  It’s a tremendous benefit available ONLY to members of the Northwest Utility Contractors Association!  

I encourage you to give one of the following brokers a call to learn more about the program!

A.G. Sadowski Company – Derek Sadowski503-362-2711

Anchor Insurance – Rick Kowalski or Joel Dietzman 503-224-2500

Biggs Insurance Services – Cynthia Gonzales360-828-3780 or 503-285-9700

Brown & Brown Northwest – Craig Payne503-219-3267

Propel Insurance  – Janelle Markovich503-467-2828

Ward Insurance – Paul Jensen541-687-1117

Great job everyone!


503-572-4001 cell